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Speaking, Teaching, & Preaching

What You Can Expect

Liz's trademark empathy and transparency have sparked incredible conversations in dozens of groups and retreats. With years of experience doing leadership training at a Fortune100 company in Silicon Valley before teaching primarily in faith based settings, Liz loves inspiring people to be their best.


Liz has experience speaking to leadership development cohorts, women's groups, college & career groups, conference breakouts, and preaching on Sunday mornings. She often works with groups to develop custom content, but her favorite topics are:

  • Hearing God's voice

  • Identity & purpose

  • Spiritual Practices for Real Life (Prayer, Scripture, Gratitude)

Liz is booking speaking dates September 2018-August 2019. Currently her schedule has her in Northern California, Colorado, Minnesota, and Indiana. 

Some of Liz's Sessions that People are Raving About:

LISTENING LAB: Special Mini-Retreat

The perfect way to invest in your leaders: giving them the gift of spiritual self-care. Using God's Many Voices as our guide, we'll use some of the listening tools in real time to reflect on what God is saying to us and hear God's voice together. An ideal way to recharge and energize for the season ahead, great for small group leaders, ministry volunteers, or as a special event night/or brunch for college or women's groups.

*New talk developed for Mops 2018-2019 Find Your Fire Season*













Surprising Whispers of Hope: Hearing God Speak over our Impossible Things

When our deepest desires, our biggest dreams, or our dearest loved ones inevitably run up against the hopeless realities of our real life, how do we pray for miracles when we're afraid God won't say yes?

 Together we'll uncover the kind of hope we can hold together and never be disappointed.




Based on her book, God's Many Voices: Learning to Listen, Expectant to Hear, Liz looks at the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19 and pulls the story of God's whisper into our everyday lives. What does God's voice sound like? How can we be sure it is His voice? How can we listen more closely to what He has to say to us? God is speaking to all of us, and we can all hear Him. Let's lean in and listen together.





This interactive session can span anywhere from 45-90 minutes as Liz shares some of her favorite gratitude and journaling exercises, and guests participate in the moment. Longer session times allow for more sharing and interaction time within the group.



You can hear some samples of Liz's voice Here:

Don't Miss Out (WestGate Sermon)


Steve Wien's Podcast: This Good Word


Waiting While Nothing is Happening (A Sermon on Abraham)


Let's Get Something on the Calendar

What People Are Saying

Liz is a trusted voice at Westgate and we value her insight and perspective on our teaching team.  You can count on Liz to not only be Biblically accurate, but to also see the context and the emotion behind the teaching and to pull our hearts into how God wants to change us for His glory.  I highly recommend Liz and her teaching to you.  You will be blessed!

Lead Pastor, Westgate Church


Liz is a writer and a speaker with a gift for storytelling and intentional use of words. Her teaching always blends a unique mix of theological richness and pastoral conviction. Liz's thoughtful approach to the passage or theme comes to life through her innate ability to set everything within the context of our real, everyday lives. I've seen Liz speak in a variety of places and she's always been emotionally engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Whether she is presenting in a classroom or preaching from the platform, her solid content and sincere connection stands out every time.

Vintage Faith Church/ ReGeneration Project


Liz Ditty is an inspiring person, her speaking is down-to-earth and heartfelt.  Liz's personal stories are insightful and engaging with a perfect dash of humor.  She’s a speaker you’ll be asking to come back again and again.

Former local MOPs Leadership


Each time Liz preaches I feel she is speaking directly to me...I am not interested in getting more knowledge - if that were the case I'd  just study more.  I am interested in taking in God’s Words of life so that I can leave my baggage behind and move into the freedom the He has for me - I want to be transformed!   When Liz gets up to speak I know that God is going to touch me and I am so blessed!

Prayer Team Leader, Westgate Church


I heard Liz Ditty speak in a season of life where it was hard to see Gods plan and any progress in my situation.  She had a tag line that stuck with me. I always go back to it as a reminder that God is still moving even though we can't see it.  Her message was powerful and applicable. I loved how she shared personal examples and referenced scripture that supported her points. I came away with a better understanding and tools to walk through the season I was in. 

Wife, Mom, Friend


Liz Ditty is delightful. Whether she is speaking about hearing God, honoring mothers, or developing female friendships, her message is fresh and engaging. I have had the pleasure of listening to her speak on several occasions through the past few years. Every time my life is more enriched for having heard her thoughtful perspective.



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