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With a foreword from best-selling author John Ortberg, God's Many Voices is an invitation to learn God's voice in the scriptures and then recognize it everywhere in daily life. Author Liz Ditty uses biblical teaching and relatable examples, reinforced with contemplative exercises at the end of each chapter to guide readers into hearing God speak the words He’s been waiting to say.

Praise for God's Many Voices

Many people claim to "hear God's voice," though not always with discernment.  I've found Liz Ditty to be a trustworthy guide in learning how to listen, and how to do so with wise discernment.

Best Selling Author


Learning to listen to God can, in some ways, mimic learning to ride a bike. We need the mechanics explained, and it’s also helpful to have someone running alongside. For novice and experienced riders alike, Liz Ditty provides practical help in hearing God's many voices. Even more importantly, Ditty inspires the thrill of God's company. It’s a  one-of-a-kind book that is sure to become a trusted resource for many.

Author of Keeping Place and Teach Us to Want


Liz Ditty believes she hears the voice of God in everyday experiences, and that we can too. Her wise and faithful teaching invites us to find God in the beauty and mess of our ordinary lives, inspiring us to see sacredness all around. God's Many Voices reminds us that God can and does speak to all of us, right where we are.

Author of Long Days of Small Things


I have a better language, approach, and understanding of God’s voice because of this book. Liz Ditty has given us a gift that helps us cut through the noise to hear from the one voice that matters. With humor and rich storytelling, we are brought into the nuanced, mysterious, yet ordinary and accessible world of a speaking God. Ditty reveals what we’ve always hoped were true: it is possible to hear from God—and we can all listen in.

Pastor, Author of Distant God


Liz’s intimate writing style intertwines the perfect amount of deep theological insight in everyday conversation. This book is a must read for anyone longing to grow deeper in their faith and eagerness to understand and hear the voice of God. I devoured this book and plan to return to it again and again.

Author of Brave is the New Beautiful


Liz Ditty writes with gentleness, insight, and grace about a topic that has the potential to divide and confuse us all. To read this book is to give yourself a chance to process what it means to hear from God, plus to gain some practical direction on what a life of hearing from God might look like. Filled to overflowing with honesty and transparency this book is worth your time and engagement. A true joy to read.

Spiritual Director, Author of Becoming Curious


When I was introduced to Liz Ditty, I was happy to discover the ripples of Dallas’ impact are continuing to spread...God is stretching himself toward us, waiting for us to notice the words he has been whispering
all along. He wants us to live our life with him – even (especially) the ordinary parts. *excerpt taken from foreword

Best Selling Author


Through beautifully told personal stories of growing to trust the God Who is love, this book invites us to notice the One who “has left invisible Post-It notes for you on the sunrise and throughout your interrupted day….” Reading this wise and engaging book is like spending time with a friend. Liz Ditty encourages us to recognize God’s voice by showing us how she has learned to do so: slowly and carefully, with Scripture and loved ones, through thin seasons and thick, thanks to good-humored resilience and heaps of grace.

Sociologist, Spiritual Director, and Author most recently of The Cultivated Life


Our God speaks, in a variety of different ways. I'm grateful for Liz Ditty, who in God's Many Voices illuminates a diversity of ways Jesus loves to communicate with us as his people, and invites us to listen for his voice like we are expecting to hear it. 

Pastor, Author of The Skeletons in God's Closet and The Pursuing God


In a winsome, approachable style, Liz Ditty teaches and encourages us to freely express ourselves to the Lord and to listen attentively, expecting to hear from Him. Brimming with stories and insights, this book is a delightful guide to developing a rich conversational relationship with God. God's Many Voices will be a trusted companion for many as they learn to notice, discern, and respond to the loving voice of God.

Vice-Chair of Board of Trustees of Renovaré, Author of A Spiritual Formation Primer


Liz Ditty writes with warmth, humor, and grace about the spiritual practices that too often feel overwhelming. She approaches the spiritual life with simplicity and generosity and tells a story of learning to listen to the voice of God that inspires me to do the same. God's Many Voices is a book for anyone who believes God is still speaking, and anyone who needs a friend to walk them directly toward that Holy Voice.

Author of Found


This book is illuminating especially for those of us who desperately long to hear from God. I put the book down several times in order to ponder the truths Liz Ditty communicates. It invited me to look at myself, my life with God, and Christian Community in a new way. Liz makes a difficult topic easier to understand and also relatable. That is truly a feat. I was convicted. And, I can say that God spoke to me through this book. It has been one of his many voices in my life.

Author of A Beautiful Disaster


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